ARTNUVO : HyeGyung Kim
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When white light beams one by one on the pure white porcelain with no color or pattern, flowers turn into butterflies, delicate and small movements form to announce its aliveness. The fluttering movements of organisms that appear and vanish make the viewers to breathe together. My works don’t stop at where the viewers just look at it, but makes the viewers to breathe with them. Make them feel alive together.

I grafted elements of Asian art with media art. I was fascinated with the beauty of pure colors and patterns of Chinese landscape painting and Korean porcelain while I was studying Asian art history. I grafted media art with Asian art, introducing lights and movements to deliver the beauty of Asian art in more familiar ways to people of today.

I use interaction mapping technique to project images on the porcelain vases, furniture, folding screens and objects that were enjoyed and used by the ancestors, suggesting media art that is wanted and eligible.

I do not try to just copy the existing artwork or overly reinterpret when expressing the beauty of traditional arts, but extracts the contemporary elements that can be overlooked and recreate. Using Buncheong flat bottle with contemporary forms, I draw images with white light emphasizing the pureness of light to include the beauty of sunbaekja (pure white porcelain). Additionally, I introduce the charming traditional patterns according to my instincts. My works have become the new media porcelain that fuses traditional and contemporary factors together.

I want to show continuously showing the conflict clauses of the works coexist. Existence and nonexistence, movement and static, light and darkness, reality and virtual reality, life and death, past and present, west and east, tradition and new. My works are from finding the balance between the opposing things.

In a corner of today’s exhibition scenes, I try to create the sight of 21st century reception room, combining traditional beauty and contemporary technology. The traditional patterns of east Asia turns into the lights of 21st century and is presented to the viewers. I hope you experience the 21st century version of lying down and enjoying the scenes where the past and present coexist and realize that the both is one between the relationship of tradition and new, past and present facing each other.